Sep 10, 2014

Paddy's Green Hut: Beer, euchre and Irish scenery but no more muskrat, regardless of the season

Guinness on tap
The hairy guy's report:

The 1960 phone book listing for taverns includes an ad for the Green Hut on Columbus that lists fish dinners, pizza pie and "muskrat dinners in season."

Fast forward to 2014, and it's called Paddy's Green Hut. On a recent afternoon, there was plenty of beer and assorted Irish stuff on the walls. Janelle the bartender was playing euchre with some guys at the bar. We interrupted to ask about the muskrat.

Nope, she said. That was under the previous owner. The muskrat is no longer ever in season. Nor is the fish or pizza pie. The only available food is snacks.

But there is, she said, that guy with the beaver.

Some guy occasionally brings in beaver -- "He's very good at it," Janelle said, though we
Ad from the 1960 phone book
don't know how to tell -- but she hasn't seen him with the meat in about six months.

She did add, helpfully, that we could get food from D'Angelo's Pizza, which is two doors down. But D'Angelo's is closed on Tuesdays, and it was a Tuesday.

Well, no problem. There was plenty of beer. And Irish decor, including a shamrock shower curtain for privacy in front of the men's room toilet. We're told the women's room has the same.

The Green Hut claims to be the oldest Irish bar in the state, though we've been unable to confirm or deny it.

And muskrats have been eradicated in Ireland, which might explain why they've been eradicated from the Green Hut. Ireland also lacks beavers, which may explain the apparent disappearance of the beaver man (though if you're interested, online you can buy an "Irish beavers are magically delicious!" T-shirt).

Four beers are on tap: Bud Light and Miller Lite shells are $1 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday ($1.25 other days), Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is $2.50 and Guinness is $4. Numerous and widely assorted other beers are available in bottles. Janelle seemed almost
Inside the Green Hut
stunned when Harry asked for a Manhattan but she quickly provided one; it was small and $3.50.

For games, the back room has a video golf machine and a dartboard.

The front room has a wall photo of Arnold Palmer, labeled "The King." Elvis fans might have a thing to say about it.

A second weekday visit turned out much like the first, with a few friendly folks playing cards at the small bar. A Guinness was poured with care.

The Green Hut is often much more popular at night. But in the afternoon, it's quiet and peaceful -- great if you're looking for a place to read a book with a beer and without interruption. Or muskrat.

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  The particulars:
  Paddy's Green Hut
  1301 Columbus

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