Feb 2, 2013

A toast to Bay City's bloggers and barflies

Before we got started, we had to check out the competition. And so we salute those who have come before us.

For starters, there's the very useful and well-done printed Bay City Bar Guide. It lists bars and has some good reading, as well. And you can also view it online. Or you can access the bar listings

On the web, NightLife Venue has listings of local bars and clubs, along with lists of food and drink specials and bar bands. Note that it's more oriented toward bars with music than bars to sit and talk.

In early 2009, someone started a blog titled The Bar's of Bay City, saying his goal was to write something about each bar in town. A year later, with nothing yet posted, he wrote that one bar a week sounded like a good goal. Late in 2010, he mourned the passing of his father-in-law, a bartender. And that was it. (Hey, old blogger, if you're still out there, please contact us. And it's never too late to fix that little grammar problem in your blog title.)

Also in 2010, somebody started a blog titled Bars of Bay City. Whoever it was didn't get much beyond putting up an alluring photo of some bacon. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

On foursquare, someone named Kelsey W. lists her favorite Bay City bars.

And then there are some wonderful videos posted in 2012, apparently by a group of photojournalism students at Central Michigan University. They're good.

There. We've gotten that out of the way.

But those video postings mention another issue -- that Bay City is the city with the most bars per capita. So where did that come from? Is it truth or urban myth? We'll look into it and report back.

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