Jul 11, 2017

Old Bar Appreciation Night

sponsored by The Unsung Bars of Bay City

Jimmy's Four Aces, 321 S. Farragut at 15th

Wednesday, July 26

7 p.m. till closing

New bars in town? We love 'em. But the old places -- the ones your grandparents maybe walked to every night -- shouldn't be left to go dark and dry. So we're doing our part to make sure that doesn't happen.

The plan: We show up on a weeknight, give the place some business, drink some beer, partake of whatever games are available, talk, eat (we'll provide something) and generally have a good time -- all the things people do in bars. (And yes, we've worked this out with the proprietor, so it's no big surprise.)

First up is Jimmy's Four Aces at Farragut and 15th. It has an assortment of bottled and canned beers, as well as other drinks. (We suggest the $1.25 bottles of Blatz, but it's up to you.) The bar has a good pool table and a good shuffleboard table. (Click here to see what we wrote about the place.)

Hope to see you at Jimmy's on Wednesday, July 26!

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